BOB Konferenz 2015

On 2015-01-23 i attended BOB Konferenz 2015 in Berlin. BOB stands for „Best Of Breed“ in modern software development, quite a mouthful. It was hosted by a company that makes medical software. For me, that was quite a unusual concept, being on a conference in the rooms of another company, but there was enough space und sufficient room for the tutorials. It offered a day with 2 tracks of talks and 2.5 tracks of tutorials. While also featuring Erlang, Swift and language-agnostic topics, one of the main pillars was functional programming and Clojure. Beside the keynote, i watched a microservice-deployment related talk and a talk about workflows expressed in grammars (which was way too academic and above my knowledge of grammar formalisms, unfortunately).

After the lunch break, i attended a tutorial on functional GUI programming in Clojure with Reagent. More or less, this was 90% an introduction into Clojure only, with some display and short explanation of the Reagent stuff at the very end when time ran out. I expected more from that tutorial, but it is always hard to get all participants to the same level of knowledge.

After coffee break, the last two talks where about Clojures STM and a nice talk about using Clojure in serving content to mobile devices via an REST API. I enjoyed both very much. That concluded the day, which left me undecided: Parts disappointed me, while other parts were very much worth their time. If there will be a BOB Konferenz 2016, i will have a look at the program and will decide then whether i take part again. Perhaps i should favor tutorials over talks. I think the knowledge gain can be bigger. In review, i should have taken the tutorial on Erlang, as i do not know much about it up to now.

The next day, i visited :clojureD, the (english language) german Clojure conference in Berlin.

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