Calling variadic Java Functions from Clojure


When calling variadic Java functions with <Type>…​ somewhere in its signature, wrap these arguments into (into-array <Type> [argument1 argument2 …]).

The Story

Clojure makes Java interop easy. But recently i stumbled a little bit when i tried to call a variadic (variable argument count) Java function. The function i had to call was public static String format(Locale l, String format, Object…​ args). I know there is format in (ns clojure.core), but it lacks the Locale support.

I tried the naive approach:

    (let [n         3.14159269
          locale    (java.util.Locale. "de")]
        (String/format locale "%2.1f" n))

Which fails miserably:

ClassCastException java.lang.Double cannot be cast to [Ljava.lang.Object;  user/eval715

The error message gives away how Java does variadic functions: [L is the type signature of an array. Object…​ is just syntactic sugar for Object[]. Arrays must be something like vec in Clojure, right? Let’s try:

    (let [n         3.14159269
          locale    (java.util.Locale. "de")]
        (String/format locale "%2.1f" [n]))

Nope, no progress here:

ClassCastException clojure.lang.PersistentVector cannot be cast to [Ljava.lang.Object;  user/eval717

Luckily, there is the into-array function in its (into-array type aseq) form that takes the type of the elements in the array instead of guessing them from the elements in aseq. Let’s try this one:

user=> (into-array Object [3.1415926])
#<Object[] [Ljava.lang.Object;@4351451d>

That looks like the type signature we need. Now we can guess the right way to call String/format:

    (let [n         3.14159269
          locale    (java.util.Locale. "de")]
    (String/format locale "%2.1f" (into-array Object [n])))

Yielding "3,1". Finally there.

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